Sensational knitted socks

I am working a sock pattern out of Sensational Knitted socks. This is the first time I have tried one out of this book and I am very new at sock knitting. I am about to divide the sts for the heel flap and I am stcuk on trying to figure out what “Rearrange sts to center patt over instep” is trying to tell me to do. And why do I have to unknit last purl st of rnd?

Thanks for any help!

As to dividing the stitches for the heel flap, I’d recommend looking at Silver’s Sock Class (I linked you to page 2, with the heel flap instructions). Her excellent close-up photos, along with instructions, really take the guesswork out of it. Even though you’re using your own pattern, looking her instructions over will give you a visual for what you need to be doing. Good luck! :thumbsup:

I have used it for another pair of socks and it was very easy to follow. So, can I just go along with that way and pretty much ignore the directions in the book?

I have reread the directions 20 times and I think it has me doing something that is not necessary. Shouldn’t I just be able to move the sts from needle four to needle three which will give me the 28 sts I need to work the heel flap?

Normally, half of your stitches go on the instep and half on the sole. So if you cast on 70 stitches, that would be 35 each. But if you had a pattern for the instep that was a repeat of 4, for example, you’d want 36 stitches on the needle(s) holding the instep and 34 on the needle(s) holding the sole.

Let’s suppose that you need to take 4 stitches away from the sole to add to the instep. You don’t want to take any four stitches, you want to add 2 to each side of the instep stitches so that you pattern stays centered down the top of the foot.

So depending on how many needles you’re using, you may be taking two from each side of the sole circular and putting them on the instep circular, or taking two from each side of the single DPN holding the sole stitches (4 DPN), or taking two from one end of the first sole DPN and two from the other end of the second sole DPN (5 DPN).

Which pattern are you knitting? I can look in my book, if u want :wink: I’m sure it’s exactly what 2leftneedles said :thumbsup:

Ok somewhere in my head I understand that! I had 14 sts on four needles and working a four st repeat pattern. So the were already divided evenly right? I just moved the 14 sts from needle four to needle three which divided the pattern evenly as far as I can tell.

It’s on page 34…I am doing the ribbing that is row 1: k2p2 row 2: knit
I don’t have the book in fron of me so I am not sure what the ribbing is called. I have 56 sts total.

I am currently making my 2nd pair of socks from this book. I used the diagram on page 18 to help keep track of needle numbers.
I did an “Ingrid” and just trusted the pattern. Its coming along very nicely. I am making the ribbed lace sock on page 50.

Good Luck with you socks