Semi OT

well…i leave for vacation in Ft Myers, Fl next thursday…yay!!! i can’t wait! but…my bf take a day and go up to see some of my family that lives in northern florida…my great aunt that lived there has been a crocheter for many, many , many years - last year when we went to visit i took some of my knitting to show her - and the last year i’ve taught myself to crochet and was planning on taking the baby blanket i’m working on - my family got a call 2 sundays ago that she had passed away :frowning: i never got to tell her or show her that i could crochet…im struggling with the fact that i was going to be there in 3 weeks when she passed away - adn now here i am a week away from going to see my family - i still have cousins there…and am finding myself regretting not calling her when i had the chance :frowning:

thanks for listening to me vent - all you KH’ers are wonderful listeners.

I’m so sorry to hear about your great aunt! Although it is sad that you didn’t get to share your newly learned hobby with her, I bet she was thrilled to see your knitting. Maybe she even wondered if your desire to learn to work with yarn came from her inspiration. There’s definitely a connection there, and I bet she was bright enough to see it! In fact, even your desire to show [U]her[/U] your knitting probably made your great aunt realize that she had passed her “yarn legacy” on to you!!

Perhaps one of her children or grandchildren might want to learn to knit and/or crochet from you. That might be a good way to pass the legacy on.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy your vacation and can find some comfort and closure during this trip.

I’m sorry for your loss. Regret is a very tough feeling to carry around. It does help to realize the value of the relationship you did have with her irrespective of whether a last visit was made. It might also help to think about others who might be in need of a visit now and take advantage of the opportunities.:hug:

I’m so sorry for your loss.:hug:

I’m with Antares on this one, and I’m sure your great aunt enjoyed the company of a having a fellow yarnie in you.

thanks to everyone for the kind words! im starting to look forward to the visit with my family, even if my aunt won’t be there - 2 days till the sun and sand! yay!