Semi-OT: Know of Awesome Crochet books?

I’ve been addicted to finding awesome needlework books, and I have been neglecting my crochet side. I plan on getting Debbie Stoller’s Happy Hooker book and I have the Crochet Encyclopedia, but I was wondering if any of you have a favorite awesome crochet book?

Angela, I don’t crochet, but my mom does. I bought her two crochet books for Christmas. One is called “Crocheted Socks- 16 Fun-to-stitch Patterns”, and the other is “Today’s Crochet: sweaters from the crochet guild of America”. I thought they both looked like good books, and something different than my mom would normally look at for herself.

Thanks! I’ll look 'em up!

Vintage crochet books and booklets are always fun.

My best friend picked up a bunch of good ones at the library recently, and two have been added to my “must-have” list: 1000 Sweaters; and Donna Kooler’s Crocheted Afghans.