Semi-OT: Do stores restock magazines?

Do stores restock magazines? I’ve looked ALL over town for the current issue of Vogue Knitting, and I was wondering if they might restock them? I really wanted this issue, and now I want it even more since I can’t find it (who knows when I’ll actually knit anything in there…) I don’t have enough money to get a subscription, but I would if I had that much…

It depends on the magazine and the newsstand/bookstore you are trying to purchase it at. Normally, if it’s a quarterly or semi annual pub all you need to do is ask the store to order a copy for you and they’ll be happy to get for you.
Good luck!

I’ve found that they don’t restock knitting mags here…I’ve experienced the same problem! If you google the magazine you will find places online that sell it.

If you go to Vogue’s site, you may be able to order one there.

I went to Vogue’s site, but I’d have to get a subscription…I’ll try to see if I can find online vendors though.

puts on protective shield I work at Wal-Mart, and we have no way of restocking any periodicals. The shipment of new ones comes in, the vendor rep fills the racks, takes all the old ones, and returns them. If some magazine sells out, we can’t reorder it. It would be my guess that many retailers are this way. I remember having to order a magazine through a convenience store once. They had their order form, and the distributor brought them the titles they requested on the release date. The same thing happened to me with Chapters when I wanted them to start stocking Old Time Crochet, it wasn’t on their order list so they couldn’t get it.

Angela, I could take a look at work on Wednesday night to see if we still have it. If it’s not sold out, they’re not removed until the next issue comes out. We could set up something for me to get it for you if you like.

oh man that would be so awesome! Thanks! That sucks that some (or all) places cant restock…I shouldve gotten it a long time ago lol.