Semi-OT: Crochet book vs crochet book

I was wondering, which choice would be more wise? The Crochet Answer Book or Teach Yourself Visually: Crocheting?

I know how to crochet alright, but I still have trouble with some things. Particularly when you turn a row, or crochet in the round. I’ve heard both are good books. Which would you recommend?

I’m thinking of eventually getting both, but I’m unsure which I should get first.

I havent’ seen either of these books. But I tried using a number of books to learn crochet and just couldn’t get it. It just didn’t make sense to me. I recently picked up Debbie Stoller’s Book Happy Hooker and it just clicked. I love how she explains things. Also while I didn’t like hardly ANY of the SNB patterns, I have already made (or am making) 3 of the patterns in this book and there are more on my to crochet list. I recommend this book to anyone who asks.

I haven’t seen either book, either. I recommend the The Art of Knitting and Crochet2 dvd. I have it and it has everything I ever wanted to know about crochet demonstrated by the lady that is the president or something of the Crochet Guild (or something like that).
Oh, I got mine @ ACMoore for $10.00 (I get coupons from ACMoore every week emailed to me for just such things.).

Thanks for the input. I thumbed through Happy Hooker and didn’t really like it. I liked one of the patterns in it, and that one is free online which I’ve made before. I can learn pretty good with the diagrams I find online about crochet which is why I thought it would be good to have teach yourself visually, because it has a lot of color pictures in there of how to do things. But I suppose when I go check out these books I’ll go read through HH too :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of that DVD before. I wonder if my library has a copy…hmm, something to think about. No… it doesn’t. Darn it. I’ll think about it, but I’d rather go physically buy it from the store. I don’t think we have an AC Moore.

My library has the crochet answer book but two copies are checked out, so I’ll wait until they are turned in and just check the book out instead of buying it for now.