Selvedge stitch

Hello all,

I am working on the Tasha Bag, I am ready to start the loose five rib cable braid. The instructions call for a selvedge stitch for the first and last stitches. Is there a specific ‘selvedge’ stitch, or is it just a knit stitch? I found something on selvedge stitches that said you can “slip the first stitch of each row and knit the last stitch of each row” for a braided edge. Would this be appropriate to use here, and would it be considered the ‘selvedge stitch’ the pattern calls for?


The pattern says that they are not included in the pattern and that you should use the slip stitch method, so I’d slip the first and knit the last. Add these two stitches to the pattern stitches.

That should be fine. Just slip the first stitch as if to purl and knit the last stitch. It will create a nice even edge for your handle. :thumbsup:

Your link didn’t work…I think it might have been the period at the end, but this should work.
Tasha Bag

Thanks so much, I appreciate the help!