Selvedge Edges Armholes

Hello, all! Hope someone can give some advice on this!

I’m working up my first sweater. When I initially cast on, I added two additions stitches for a selvedge edge which I heard would make it easier to seam later. What I’ve been doing is knitting the first stitch of every row and then slipping the last stitch purlwise with the yarn in front. Here’s the question:

Now I’m at the point where I’m supposed to start decreasing for armholes. Should I continue with the selvedge edge stitches as I’ve been doing prior, or will this mess me up when I actually go to seam the arms to the bodice?

I’ve put so much work into this so far, it is the Set-In Sleeve Sweater from Janet Szabo’s “Aran Sweater Design”.


I think you could continue the selvedge sts, do the shaping decreases inside them. It’s generally not necessary to add selvedge stitches to something you’re going to seam up, though; the edges will be on the WS and won’t show. Sometimes they actually interfere with seaming.

Thanks Sue!

I agree with Sue. I sure hope your slip stitch edge won’t cause any trouble. A lot of people seem to like slip stitch edges for seaming, but I never use them and see no need for them.