Selling some things on Ebay … etc …

I’ve made some beaded stitch markers, thought I’d sell some off… have a look, let me know if you like them.

I will be adding more as they’re made.

See here for my other items…

:spades:[size=2][color=blue]The Mod Squad was here[/color][/size] :thumbsup:

They are very pretty. Can I ask how you made them? I have purchased beads to do this, but that is as far as I have gotten.

Like the stitch markers!
But i’m curious about your picture here, (i’m not sure if i’m seeing correctly.) is that a snood? If so, did you make that too?

Just with 20 gauge wire and some pliers, really. I learned some techniques that helped when I did a basic beaded jewellery course.

<nodding> Yup. Snoods are easy :smiley: I have a gallery with a few of the ones that I’ve made.

I have more to put up… it’s just a matter of ‘getting around to it’… I actually sell these by order…

hehehe snood…

can you snoodle with those? :shock: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

okay, getting my head out of the gutter… those are actually beautiful. Very Rita Hayworth.

Thank you. I wear them for my 1940’s Swing Dancing… so it’s all very ‘era’… :smiley:

Very pretty!

I have sold TWO sets!!! WOOOO!


I have re-listed the three that didn’t sell, and will be putting more up next week after my foray to the local craft show to pick up some spanky beads :smiley:

All current stitch markers have sold… YAY!

I will be posting more later this week.

Your stitch markers are very pretty.