Selling Silver Reed Knitting Machine plus Components



My name is Charlie and I am new to the community. I recently listed apractically new Knitting machine kit on craigslist (in Chicago). Because of the esoteric nature of these machines I don’t really know the proper markets/channels to sell them in. If anyone has advice or tips on selling the kit would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Here’s the ad:

Like many mothers, ours is an amateur knitter/crocheter. We bought this knitting machine kit a decade ago as gift to help take her hobby to the next level. After setting up the machine we realized how complex it is and decided it was best to stay amateur. It’s been in storage ever since and now it’s time to find her (the machine, not my mother) a new home.

  • All components are discounted at 20%, total cost negotiable
  • Most components used less than 5 times (some never used at all)
  • Most are in original boxes with manuals
  • Will sell piecemeal but prefer to sell as a kit
  • Listed in Chicago (for ad exposure) but stored in Milwaukee.
  • Will deliver or ship (shipping costs not included)
  • Text or email for additional questions

Here are the components in the kit with corresponding prices:

  1. Silver Reed SK840 Standard Gauge 4.5mm x 200 Knitting Machine, Electronic Carriage, Coil Cable Curl Cord
    (MSRP $1499, Listed $1199)

  2. Silver Reed SRP60N 4.5mm Gauge Ribber Attachment (MSRP $699, Listed $559)

  3. Silver Reed LC580 (LC560+) Electronic Lace Carriage (MSRP $499, Listed $399)

  4. Silver Reed YC6 Automatic Yarn Changer 4.5mm (MSRP $399, Listed $319)

  5. Silver Reed SK840 Stand (MSRP $199, Listed $159)

  6. Designaknit Silverlink 5 (MSRP $399, Listed $319)

  7. Silver Reed AG24 Intarsia Carriage (MSRP $75, Listed $60)