Selling dog sweaters

I have some interest in my Stinkerbelle Sweaters. I usually donate my sweaters to our greyhound’s adoption agency so that more pups can get homes. I have a few people who are interested in purchasing sweaters. My question is, how much should I charge? Simple dog sweaters go for $45. I was thinking $50 is fair. They probably could go for more but, it only takes about $20 in materials to make them. It takes about a month (20 hours perhaps) to make each one since I have very little free time to make them and they’re rather intricate I can’t do a lot ahead of time.

Those are beautiful sweaters and if people will pay $50 they’ll pay $75. People like me would buy stuff for their dog that they would never buy for their children. I would pay $75 for that kind of sweater if I couldn’t knit it myself. Have you thought about selling the pattern too?

I agree…I would charge more and if they don’t sell you can always have a “sale” or just lower the price. They are beautiful!

I would charge more too. You’ve got some lovely stitch patterns and cables going on in that sweater there, and those things take a little more time to accomplish than just plain stockinette or garter stitch. You don’t want to undersell or undervalue yourself or the time it takes to make the dog sweaters.

I agree with everyone!! $75.00 for a handmade sweater is a bargain! The sweater is lovely!!

I agree- your work isn’t just the materials costs!! your time is precious as is your skill, and attention to detail. Pet folks (like me too) pay ridiculous prices for lovely things for the furbabies.

don’t forget to think about your costs of marketing, banking, shopping for materials (time, gas etc) . Also consider how you are going to sell them: eBAY charges listing fees, and I think etsy might too. Paypal now charges fees for some transactions of sellers…

don’t sell yourself short!

[B]Very Pretty sweater! Looks like it takes time too.

Sure… 75.00 :slight_smile:


That’s amazing that everyone says $75 is OK. I put it on Ebay and a lot of greyhound people balked at $45! They said I should start bidding at $20!!! I sold it at $45 and only had one bidder. It only takes one though!

Maybe it’s because everyone here knits and knows what it takes to make them??

Oh, and I can’t sell the pattern, it’s made up and I do each one differently.

Never, ever underprice your work! I have years of experience selling crafts, mostly quilts and quilt patterns. If you price them too low, people won’t buy because they think there’s something wrong with them.

People who buy sweaters for their dogs will pay more than $75 and will probably feel like they are getting a great deal. I’d say price a simple sweater at $75 and go up from there.

eBAY is notorious for people looking only for a deal. I think is a place where people who appreciate hand made goods hang out more.

I’d also look into whether specialty pet food stores near you would sell them. Specialty gift stores too (that sell other luxury products). word-of-mouth through breeders and rescue operations would also help. you may want to create a website to sell on your own, but that has its own hassles for security, payment, etc.

don’t let deal-bullies devalue your work!!!

If you are in a position to do so, you could designate part of the proceeds to go to the greyhound adoption group, or your local humane society. That way, you are still supporting a charity, and people (like me) like to know the money they spend is going to help animals in need :slight_smile:

Hand made items on ebay almost always go for less than they are worth.

This alone makes them worth more. If each one is different then the buyer is getting a one-of-a-kind sweater for their dog. I say $75, at least.

Those really are beautiful sweaters, and the name is adorable. I like Sharly’s idea about giving a portion to charity. The buyer would get a lovely one-of-a-kind sweater and also feel good about helping other animals.

I agree. You should definitely charge more. Look at this link. A tiny sweater for $195.

I think that the serious dog-pamperers will pay at least $75! My friend is considering spending tons of money on a doggy spa for a week! As another poster suggested, try Etsy… more appreciation factor there, I think!

Wow, that’s beautiful. I looked at the etsy link, yours could go for $75 EASILY.

I agree, most people on ebay are looking to spend below what the market will bear. Set up an etsy shop and be sure to put your business in the “tell us about your knitting business” in the Buy/Sell /Swap section. The best of luck.:hug:

That is awesome!!! What a beautiful sweater. I want the link for my pups!!!

If you are thinking of helping out the rescue you might also think about making them for sale for charity on eBay or something. I sold a unique dog bed which I made for $175 on eBay.

The yarn cost a lot of money and your time is not free. I’d go for the higher price. I try to knit from a book called knitting for dogs, and my sweaters never sit right on the dog.