Self Tying Neck Scarf Video

I just posted a new video tutorial on what some people think is the hard part of knitting this clever scarf design. Check it out if you are interested in trying my pattern (link provided in post) or any other similar pattern!

I’d love to know what you think of this design.


The video is a good explanation of this interesting pattern. This is a pattern my mom and aunt used to make, back in the 50’s and 60’s. I learned to make it then and have made several of them over the years. I was trying to get a friend to make one ( a newby knitter) and this video will surely help her out.
I have noticed this pattern in several places in the last couple of years. I even saw it listed as a baby ear-warmer! They made it a little longer and it fit over the top of the baby’s head and ears and joined under the chin.


I’ve never seen this before! Do you have a picture or video of how to tie it around your neck??


Excellent tutorial! Good job!

The neat thing about this scarf is that there isn’t any tying.There are narrow bits at both end, and on one end the narrow bit is double, making a slot or tunnel to thread the other end through.
Here is a link to another version with a picture of how it looks fastened.