Self taught beginner needing help

I used YouTube videos to teach myself how to knit I decided to try and knit my daughter a blanket. Way too big of a project to start on as a beginner. When I got done it does not look like a blanket. I showed some friends and family and my aunt in law very ridley said well if you would have counted your stitches you wouldn’t have ruined it. Lesson learned as none of the videos I watched mentioned counting stitches. Is there any way I can fix her blanket to look decent it looks like a cape :frowning: kinda hard to tell in the pic. It doesn’t need to be perfect but I’d like to try and get it more symmetrical 16747014334862126851005903392817|1200x900

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It looks like your cast on was very tight. Your aunt was a bit rude. You are just learning. Making mistakes is a part of that.

Having a simple pattern, just knits and purls might be easier to start with. It’s difficult to lose count then.

When I was a relatively new knitter my daughter asked me for a blanket I made her this She has it on her bed all year round and loves it.

The best thing to do is use stitch markers. I’ve found ‘O’ rings the best kind. You can get them cheaply from any hardware store. They just need to have the internal diameter of 0.5 up from whatever size needle you’re using.


Welcome to KH. I took the liberty of posting your photo here because it will be easier for others than opening a linked file. I hope you don’t mind but if you do please let me know and I’ll edit my post to remove it.

Oh dear, that is so not an enjoyable exchange with anyone, especially a relative. I think a cape would be a very doable fix but I’m not good at that kind of thing so I’ll let someone else chime in. Overall your stitches look really good. This would be a good time to figure out how and where increases happened and to recognize problems so you can fix them sooner rather than later. We’ve all had unintentional increases, I’ve been dealing with that problem on the scarf I just knitted and I’ve been knitting for more than 10 years. We can help find the problems and the solutions to help with your future projects. Then the aunt can see your beautiful finished projects and hopefully find something nice to say.

You’re off to a good start. Your stitches look good, your tension consistent and even. I’m glad you found the forum and asked. You can learn to knit the things you want and have have them turn out lovely. Your daughter is fortunate to have a mother who loves her and cares enough to to learn to knit and make her things.


Welcome to KH!
It’s a lovely blanket in a very pretty stitch pattern. You have nice even tension which is actually the most difficult part of beginning knitting.
You might try blocking the blanket by washing, rolling in a towel to remove excess water and pinning out flat to dry. Depending on the yarn you may be able to stretch out the lower part of the blanket. See the ball band from the yarn to check the best method to wash.
I don’t see any accidental yarn overs (creating holes) in your knitting but here’s a video for some common reasons for increased stitches. One that I often see is the error at the first stitch of the row when the yarn is taken to the back over the left needle rather than under it.

You’re doing very well and you’ve learned a valuable lesson. Keep on working at your knitting and enjoying it.

I think it looks lovely and your daughter is lucky to have this! I would embellish the blanket to add to the quirkiness! What about pom poms or tassels, or embroidery? There are lots of YouTube videos on such things. Make the most of the rhomboid shape!


Aside from the tight cast on I think it looks very good. I think the cast on row will be an issue with trying to get it more symmetrical but it’s still worth trying one of the suggestions in the thread.


Hey. Your knitting is better than your aunt’s manners. Plus your knitting has more chance of improving with time.

The blanket it a brilliant first knit!
I agree with others, the tension is great, even, no holes, no ladders, you’ve mastered the hardest part right away and that is the physical skill of your hands producing fabric on 2 sticks.

Apart from blocking which is always a good idea and might help with the shape, I’d probably just go with the quirkiness of the shape, it’s the shape of hard work, and love and that’s the best shape.

If you hate that idea though maybe project 2 could be a triangle with your daughter’s initials on it or a motif of some sort, a heart maybe or something your daughter is fond of, and you could sew the triangle onto the blanket to fill in the gap. It won’t be perfect like a machine knitted blanket bought in a store but if you wanted a machine knit blanket from a store you wouldn’t have bought knitting needles. I doubt it was an error with the online shopping.
I started knitting exactly because what I wanted for my son can’t be bought - for me that’s the attraction, everything I make is a one off.

Counting is part of kjitting, sure, at one point I spent about 3 days cou ting to 3 instead of 4. No wonder I was struggling to get my knitting right!

Maybe you have a bunch of markers that may have come with your knitting needles? I didn’t even know what they were for when I started, now I use them all the time.
On something as big as a blanket you can place markers ever 10 or 20 stitches and then only have to count between the markers rather than trying to count hundreds of stitches in one go.
Yarn loops made out of any contrasting colour yarn can also be used and I keep the little plastic ring from my electric toothbrush heads for extra markers.

There are lots of free motifs and letter charts online if you decide to try one, you can make them in just knits and purls.