Self striping in a worsted weight?

Does it exist? I have only seen it in fingering weight.


There are some…Noro Kureyon is the most common:

My LYS has this, which is beautiful but pricey:

I believe some of the Lion Brand Homespun yarn colors are self stripey. That would be a less expensive option (or if you just hate Noro).

I’ve been looking for it, too. I think most of the self striping is only in the sock type weights unfortunately. :rollseyes:

i’m going to make my own! or at least try!

Karaoke is self striping, also and is pretty much a worsted weight.

Have you tried Schoeller & Stahl Big Mexiko ?

I’ve never heard of that one. They sure do have some pretty colors!

they make a lot of nice sock yarn - not just Big Mexiko

And Paint Box by K1C2!

Some other self-striping yarns are :

Berroco Suede Tri-color
Katia Jamaica (a self-striping cotton)
Plymouth Eros Drifters
Plymouth Bella Colour
Berroco Duo
Berroco Foliage
Karabella New Magic
Nashua Equinox Stripe Yarn
Bernat Super Stripes
Bernat Baby Coordinates Sweet Stripes
Moda Dea Sassy Stripes
Lion Brand Magic Stripes

I have just found these browsing the web, at sites like WEBS (, Herrschners, etc.

I love self striping yarns!! I wish I had some of that Foliage to knit with.

Here’s a search I did on yarndex for "worsted"and “multicolor”