Self-fringing....can you help?

I found a pattern for a self-fringing scarf (not triangular). I’m just not “getting” what I need to do.

The scarf I saw at the LYS had about
6 rows of one color A,
3 of color B,
6 of color C,
3 of B and
6 of A.

If I’m only changing colors every 3-6 rows, would I cut my yarn after each row? I’m not sure how to make this work.

This if for my younger son and he liked it. I’ve a visual learner and this just isn’t easy for me to visualize…I did find a second pattern online almost like the one at the store, but I have to wait until they are back in business after the new year and pay for the pattern. I don’t mind paying since i need to see something, but though I could get help here.

You can cut your yarn at each end, just leave the length you want for the fringe (or maybe a little longer) As you start the next row after cutting, leave the same length tail of your yarn hanging as you start the row, knit to the other end and cut again. I also do an overhand knot and tie each fringe to its neighbor. If you can get your hands on a copy of the Knit Stitch (The Knitting Experience Book 1) by Sally Melville (I found it in my library before I bought it) there is a scarf in there call the “Have Fun” scarf that is self fringing. Good luck!

Thanks! Do you know that I OWN that book! :oops:

I looked at it last night but I guess I need to do that again, huh? :blush: