Self-Counting needles

Too Cool!

i think those sound cool but i can’t help but think that they would add extra stitches for all the times i throw my work around or it jostles around in my bag or i am waving my needles around or threatening to poke someone’s eyes out! :wink:

kinda like those pedometers that add steps when i turn in my chair …lol

Those are COOL!!!

lol I like when my pedometer adds extras steps… makes my day look more busy… :lol: :rofling:

it is a cool idea…Has anyone tried them? do they add sts when tossed around?

Wow, that’s a really cool idea!

I’m sure they’re not available commercially yet.

I think they might be cool as a novelty, but they won’t ever “replace” regular knitting needles. You’d have to buy the whole device thingy for every size needles! If the ends of the needles did the counting, and were removeable/adjustable for all needles regardless of size, then THAT would be a NIFTY counter.

if they would work for circular/interchangable needles, that would be cool!
i don’t want to ever have to go back to straight needles again!

What a great idea! Wonder when it will be available and how flexible it will be in terms of kinds of needles, etc.

ow, I NEED that, I always forget how far I was :oops:

OMG what a great idea! I love it. I imagine that it would have to have a pause feature when you put it in your bag so it wouldn’t add stitches, but as for threatening your DH with them, you’re on your own.


Not available yet… :shrug: just a wonderful idea not fully finished… :thinking: I wonder if I’m the only one in here that uses both straight & circular needles… depending on project… :figureditout: hope i’m not thrown out for my wierd idea…