Seen a pattern on ebay should I buy it?

Hi there this is a quick question. These are listed on ebay. They are slippers
NEW Knitwitz ©Hedgehog Slipper / Dorm Boot Easy KniT they claim them to be easy.
Do any of you know if a beginnerish would be able to do them. Have you ever heard of them??
Please let me know what you think.

:muah: Sharon

Now what did I tell you, Sharon?

In any case, it says that online support is available free if you should have any problems. If it’s really what you want to do, than buy it.

That being said, there are probably similar patterns you can look at for free, like those at knitting pattern central:

Nikki I have taken what you said to heart!! :hug: I have been chanting it to myself I can knit anything, I can knit anything :teehee:

I honestly dont think I could do the three needle thing. Actually I dont think I could actually be bothered with that.

I have however found a pattern from the link you sent me which is easy.
Thanks Nikki you are a star :notworthy:

I sat knitting until 2.00am this morning doing my wrap :cheering: I am knitting like mad because there is so much I want to do!!

Slippers Next! :cheering:

Thanks Nikki you are an inspiration :hug:

:muah: Sharon