Seeking Pattern for Dog Snood

A snood is a tubular garment worn around the neck. A dog snood keeps long ears out of food. I know this one is a longshot but thought maybe someone has a link or a pattern. I couldn’t find one. Thanks.

Actually, unless it has more than one meaning, a snood is that hairnet thingy worn by women. I’m thinking your dog probably doesn’t need one of those.

I did see one on Ravelry though among all the hair nets… It’s a free pattern on a grayhound. She says to email her for the pattern. If you’re not on Rav let me know and I’ll PM the email to you.

Thanks. Actually I do know what a dog snood is. Have had many–just never knitted one.

I tried to find the pattern you mentioned on ravelry but I think I needed to register first. They seem to have a waiting list for invitations. I will go to your link as soon as I am registered. Thanks.

I didn’t mean you didn’t know what it was. I had never heard of one before because all I’ve ever seen was the snood that women wear on their hair. I’d never heard of it for dogs. I think it’s funny that it would be called the same thing. Seems like the dog one should be called a neck warmer because that is apparently what it is. Sorry to mix it up. :shrug:

No worries!
Snoods are used on show dogs with long ears (setters, bloodhounds, bassets, etc.) to keep the hair from tangling up with food when they eat. It can get very matted!

Thanks again for getting back to me.

Barbara, Why not use a leg warmer or knit in the round fingerless glove pattern w/o the thumb stuff for your snood if nothing else is available. With straight needles, if you’re not ready for dpn’s, you can do a a flat rectangle and sew just one seam lengthwise to make a tube. Measure your dog’s neck diameter and go at it. Stitch doesn’t matter much. Check out the myriad pet catalogs and see what stitches they are using. I always love a good ribbing:>). Jean

I was picturing a dog with a frou frou hair net myself! :mrgreen:

Me too! But it makes perfect sense to keep the ears clean!

I don’t have a snood pattern, but I did make my mini schnauzer a shrug. His white chest hair stands out when he wears it. My daughter calls it his David Haselhoff outfit. Now I need a large golden medallion.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

OK, this isn’t a free pattern but I did find one
Hope this helps…