Seeking Crochet Patterns Suitable for Prayer Shawls

[COLOR="#300090"]Three months ago I joined my church’s prayer shawl ministry.

I’m looking for shawl patterns that I can share with that group. I’m not on Ravelry or Lions so I can’t follow those links. If you have any favorite patterns, I be grateful if you shared the links and your brief comments with me.

Don’t worry about formats, pdf is nice, but I can reformat the messiest webpage content for pretty printing.

The crocheters are seeking pattern variety so they don’t get board using the same two or three patterns.


It’s very easy to sign up for the Lion website, they do have quite a lot of patterns there. But there are patterns at and a couple here - Google it -

Try I think the Prayer Shawl Ministry also has its own website but I don’t know what it is.

Jack, I started a Prayer Shawl Ministry with another church member down in Florida and we always used Lion Brand Homespun. It works up fast, is incredibly soft, comes in lots of colors, and washes beautifully. We used a simple pattern of two rows of dc followed by one row of sc. I can’t remember the hook size, but it was I or J as the shawl could be finished in a couple of afternoons. The response from the recipients was humbling. Such an easy pattern to give such joy and comfort!

Our church uses the basic crocheted prayer shawl pattern on the shawl website with Homespun and an N hook.

The tips area is helpful, and there is also a list of other crochet shawl patterns.