Seeking Courage and Advice on Socks!

I’m about to take the leap and try my first pair of socks. I would love to hear suggestions on both yarn and a pattern to start with. It probably doesn’t matter, since I’m a complete sock newbie, but I’m a left handed knitter.

Thanks so much!


Hey Tammy…WTG on knitting socks, they are such FUN!
I highly recommend using a dk or worsted wt yarn and size 5-7 dpns. I say this because the initial sock is much easier with this size yarn/dpns…it goes faster and is not quite so “clumsy”. Silver’s sock tutorial is great. If you get a chance to watch the socks episode of Knitty Gritty…go for it, this is where I learned to knit socks, you can see videos and get the pattern which I used and highly recommend also for the 1st socks here…this pattern/tutorial uses 5 dpns, Silver’s uses 4 dpns. I’m more comfortable with 5…whatever your preference is, of course, fine!
Happy Knitting and don’t hesitate to ask any other questions.