Seeking a vest/tunic pattern

Many years ago when I was young… heh…my mother knitted me an item that I wore to death and loved.

It was a v neck, no sleeve tunic type vest (I’m not sure which category it would be in) that came to not quite midway between thighs and knees. I loved the length. It was a one colour brown wool that was a reasonably loose sizing and ultra washable. It had a loose rib band and then stockinette aside from the v neck and around the sleeve area but these were really simple.

I think it time I tried something like this and I’d love to be able to locate this sort of pattern. I’ve looked on various sites and always found something slightly more complex or shaped whereas this was really straight up and down. I’d love simple simple simple :slight_smile: Obviously I can increase length to suit.

If anyone has a pattern to share or knows where one is online I’d love to see.

Go to the Lion Brand pattern finder, they have a mid thigh one (maybe it’s two) v neck vest that sounds perfect for what you are looking for.

Ginny. Thanks. I’ve never joined Lion Brand but it sounds like a good idea. I’ll do that soon and take a look. I’d be thrilled to locate the same pattern.

here… there are several that fit the bill. Some are free.

Ahh… I could actually see them without joining. Ok. one pattern is indeed really close EXCEPT that the one I used to have didn’t have a two piece front…it was all one piece like a jumper. Would that be called a tunic in your part of the world rather than a vest? I’d be hopeless at amending a pattern.

I actually see tunic would be more like it…but they have no sleeveless ones. I guess I could do it and just not make the sleeves but I wouldn’t know how to deal with the arm holes.

Perhaps a men’s vest (which seem to be one piece fronts).

Thanks for tipping me to the site anyway.

Ginny… Let’s say the ‘Vest in a Jiffy’ pattern…are you experienced enough to tell me how I could do that with a one piece front? Or does that complicate the V neck too much? I guess since I’ve never made any kind of top I’m concerned about not having step by step instructions.

Was it a jacket type open in the front or like a pullover? :think:

I didn’t realize you were looking for a pull over vest. It would be easy to make the front solid but even easier is the above V neck vest from Berroco. I have made this pattern a couple times on circulars (instead of seaming), it’s a very nice pattern to follow.

Here is an easy one

Hi ladies…just saw your updates and I will take a look at the patterns now and come back. It was like a pullover Jan and not a jacket front. That was remiss of me not to point that out in my first post.

GinnyG…with the small difference that the one my mum made had a thinner neck and armhold banding…that is basically the pattern! Thank you so much. Jints…also…thank you a bunch. I may actually start with that one first…I’ll take another look more closely at the patterns.

Thank you ladies.

We don’t have Berocca yarn here so can you tell me what ply or weight it is so I can consider a comparison? I am guessing worsted?? I think the one Jints suggested would do with any cotton or cotton/elastic blend basically.

I do have some wool yarns tho and I think the cotton one may be transferable to worsted weight. Hmmm…