Seeking a pattern

What I’m looking for is a decent looking beret pattern done in garter stitch (I’ve not learned purling yet, so I need to keep it to just knitting since I’ll be doing this on a long road trip.).

I know, I know… “Check out Ravelry if you haven’t already.” Well, I would love to be able to do so, but the Ravelry website gives my poor, old, weak internet connection a heart attack, seizure, stroke, and apoplectic fit all at once. The poor thing just can’t handle it.

So basically, I’m looking for a beret that’s great as a first project and that with good quality yarn would be a great gift.

(I hope I’m not asking for the impossibubble.)

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to proffer in this situation.

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[I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hello there…

I understand about the whole “internet connection heart attack/seizure” thing…been there myself. Fortunately (knock on wood), I no longer have such problems.

Pulled up quite a few (on Ravelry) berets/tams made primarily using the garter stitch. I can’t remember your entire messg…were you looking for a hat for an adult or child…or both? Also…were you looking for a free pattern, or one you wouldn’t mind paying for…and if you don’t mind paying, what’s your limit?

Apologies for the third degree questioning, but a lot more patterns popped up than I expected, and it would take a lot of time to list the website addresses for them all.

Let me know if you’re still interested! [/COLOR][/I] :knitting:

I am looking for patterns for children, men, and women. I was thinking specifically of knitting a beret or tam for my grandmother-in-law on the 14 and a half hour drive up to Wisconsin for me to meet her for the first time, so I guess for now, a women’s.

I’d prefer free patterns, wherever possible.

Thank you so very much for your help with this.

Check out other pattern sites - or - they’re bound to have a few beret patterns. I take it you want them for straight needles, not in the round.

Actually, I’m currently knitting on circular needles, and do a lot of crocheting in the round… I’m not sure that circular knitting would be that different… :shrug: So unless there’s something my simpleton brain is missing in my sleep-deprived state, I don’t see why knitting in the round would be a problem?

(I’ve not slept in 3 days so I spent twenty minutes looking for the peanut butter at dinner time when I was making chicken… I was trying to make the kids lunch instead of dinner… :sigh:)

[COLOR=“Navy”][FONT=“Century Gothic”]Ok…well, after applying the additional parameters (free / for women), only one patt remained: [I]“Urchin”[/I] by Ysolda Teague…and it is listed on the site ( According to the pattern info page in RAVELRY, a pdf is avail for easier downloading & printing.

It’s a cute pattern but it does specify bulky wt yarn (I didn’t read far enough into the instructions to determine if lighter wt yarns are encouraged). Also, I see no reason why the beret [I]can’t[/I] be made in a variety of sizes. If instructions or suggestions for other sizes are not included in the patt, often-recommended advice (throughout this site and others), is if you want a different sized outcome, probably the easiest thing to do (especially for a beginner knitter) is to change the yarn wt and size of needles.

Other berets/tams patts were available, but at a price. [I]may [/I]have additional patts that, for whatever reason, did not make my search results. At any rate, we have to get you more comfy with the Purl stitch soon, for no doubt your options would expand significantly. Until then, best wishes and :knitting: !!! [/FONT][/COLOR]

Actually, if you do the beret on circular needles, you’ll be knitting all the sts for stockinette. If you want garter st in the round, you’ll need to purl every other round.
But when you get to the decreases for the top of the beret, you’ll probably have to go to double points (or magic loop). That may affect whether you want to use the circs or knit the beret on straight needles.

Okay, I admit to space-cadeting the fact that knit stitch in the round becomes stockinette.

Now, I’m not sure if it’s just cause I’ve not slept in days, but I can’t make this make sense… could you explain further what it is that you mean here?:???: :???: :whoosh: :zombie: :zombie: :eyes:

What Salmonac is saying is that if you’re knitting in the round the on one circular needle you’ll need to change methods to do the top of hat. The number of stitches becomes to small to fit around a circular needle.

This is not a problem if you’re using other methods - magic loop, 2 circular needles or double pointed needles (DPN). If you’re using a small circular like a hat size 16" then you’ll need to choose another method to do the top.

The reason you get stockinette when knitting circularly is that you are never knitting on the back side of the work.

[COLOR=navy]Say, Tresha…I LOVE your Avatar…if at all possible, I would REALLY love to re-create it in a cross-stitch project…? Is it available to do so? (…and if it’s your photo, may I do so?)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy]Thank you![/COLOR]

Even with a short needle for the main part of the hat, after you’ve done a couple decrease rounds, the sts won’t fit around it. So you need to have another needle, any length, to knit with 2 circs, a longer needle to magic loop with, or dpns, so you can finish the top. If you use a length between 24 and 32" you can use single loop and magic loop with it for the whole thing without having to buy or switch needles.