Seed vs rib

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i have seen some hat patterns with seed stich around the brim instead of ribbing. Is the seed stitch as stretchy as a K1/P1 rib or should I adjust my regular ole hat pattern a little bit?


Seed stitch it not stretchy at all. In fact I believe that seed has the same gauge as stockinette. Ribbing would definitely be the edging of choice for a hat.

How about seeded rib?

a seeded rib? how do I do that? :slight_smile:

Ask and you shall receive .

Judy D

Seeded Rib Stitch (aka Mistake Stitch Rib)

On a multiple of 4+1 stitches

Row 1 (RS): P1, *K3, P1 repeat from * to end of row

Row 2: K2, P1 *K3, P1 repeat until last 2 sts, K2

NOTE: be sure to mark the right side, as this rib is really totally reversible and you might get confused!!

It has turned out to be wonderful in any gauge with any size yarn or needle - truly reversible!

There is a picture of a baby hat in seeded rib at the bottom of the page, along with a link to the pattern. (I think the instructions JudyD gave is for knitting flat.) Just cast on more stitches (in multiples of 4) or use thicker yarn for a larger hat.

ETA: Hm. I just looked at the pattern again and realized that she uses regular ribbing for the cuff. Maybe you should swatch first and make sure the seeded rib is stretchy enough by itself. (I’ve not used this stitch myself so I can’t tell you. I just sort of assumed…) Of course you were going to swatch anyway, so no big deal, right? :wink:

ETA (more!): On another part of her blog, she does mention that it’s a stretchy rib. Phew!

I have another question… you guys are always talking about the RS of the stitch… I assume with knitting with Straight needles that the right side is always in my left hand right? that I don’t have to do anything special… just keep knitting?

thanks for the seeded rib stitch! I’m going to try in on my hubby’s hat. :slight_smile:

swatch? uh… I haven’t done any of those yet. … hehe. :neutral:

okay, so I could knit this way in the round couldn’t I? but then would my Row 2 be P2, K1 *P3, K1 ?

so as long as I have a multitple of 4 then It is okay, so a hat with 100 cast on stitches in the round should work fine?

The RS refers to the `face’ of your work that’s seen by others; for your hat, that would be the side that going to be the outside of it. It really doesn’t have anything to do with which needle or hand the work is on. The right and left edges of your knitting are the beginning and end of your rows.


My seed stitch comes out a little wider overall than my stockinette stitch. Not a problem for some narrow items, like most scarves, but a definite problem for some others, like afghans.