Seed stitches turning into ribs! Help!

I’m knitting a double yarn, seed stitched baby blanket (in three colour stripes that alternate) All was going well for the first three rows of colour and now I’ve had to unravel it THREE times because the seed stitch dissapears and turns into this funny ribbing.

I keep unraveling to where it starts, or well before that, but when I follow the seed stitch pattern again it starts up in ribs for some reason. Any tips??

It’s 75 sts across and the first few rows began and ended with a knit stitch… the problem rows seem to end with a purl. Maybe there is a probelm there?

Any help greatly appreciated. This is my first project.

what’s happening is this. seed stitch has your knit and purl stitches alternating every row. when it turns into ribbing, your knit stitches from that row are lining up with the knit stitches of the row below.

you probably gained or lost a stitch somewhere and that is causing your pattern to be slightly off. I would count your stitches.

or what you can do is start starting your rows with a purl stitch instead of a knit stitch. :shrug:

If you’re knitting in seed stitch and you have an odd number of stitches, every row should start and end with a knit stitch. Take it out one more time to where you know it’s right. Make sure you still have your 75 stitches, then start each row with a knit. If you end a row on a purl, you’ll know you messed up your k-p-k-p-k pattern within a row and can fix the individual row. This will prevent the ribbing before it starts.

Learn what the stitches look like and you won’t have this problem ever again. To make rib you knit the knit stitches and purl the purls as they face you. This means that after the first row when you switch the knitting to your left hand you look at that side which is facing you.