Seed Stitch vs Moss Stitch

[b]I am doing a shawl for my mom out of Bohemian by Patons … really do love this stuff … I started out with 70 st and was doing the rib stitch … by the time I got to my knitting night I had 71 st and had somehow been doing the seed stitch since early on according to the LYS owner … so I continued on with that as it looked quite nice … I didn’t want just straight garter stitch … she told me that UNEVEN stitches is for seed st so said every row is

k p k p k
then turn and go
k p k p k

Some books say uneven stitches, others say an even number of stitches and do
k p k p then coming back
p k p k on an even number of stitches … then there is moss stitch … are they the same?

I want to see the pattern in my work and with this seed stitch I was … until I somehow ended up back at 70 stitches!! :shrug:


Seed stitch and moss stitch are sometimes the same, and sometimes moss stitch uses two stitches and two rows. I think it depends on what side of the Atlantic you’re on.

For your seed stitch, you purl the knits and knit the purls as they face you.

Regardless of whether or not you have an even or odd number of stitches, just remember that for seed stitch, if you end with a purl, start with a purl. If you end with a knit, start with a knit.