Seed Stitch .. um confusion

Okay guys… I’ve just tarted a pattern for a bag that requres a seed stictch… now I understand it k1p1 alll acrosss then p1k1 all acorss for number of rows.

My question is … when you purl, you bring the yarn forward right… then when knitting you put the yarn back correct?

I just want to make sure, since I’ve never done this stitch, before I got more than 1 row… :slight_smile:


Yes, for purl the yarn is in the front, for knit its in the back

If your making a seed stitch, you’ll be k,p,k,p for every row.

If you k,p,k,p and then p,k,p,k you’ll end up with ribbing.

Yup, that’s right. :thumbsup:

A handy seed stitch trick: cast on an odd # of stitches, so you’ll start every row with a knit stitch. Then you never have to think about which row you’re on, the k1 p1 row, or the p1 k1 row. :smiley:

I misunderstood… cause it said… on the next row, knit the purl and purl the knit…

So I kp all the way no matter right

If you have an odd nuimber of stitches, it’s k1 p1 k1 p1 k1 every row. If you have an even number of stitches, you have to alternate, because you end on a purl stitch, and therefore must begin the next row on a purl stitch.

I have a even number of stuches… 50… so I would alternate then right… I just want to be clear before I Start to do this thing…

Don’t forget to move the yarn to front and back by going between the needle tips, not over them… or else you’ll make a yarn over and an extra stitch.

As you look at your knitting, purl the knits and knit the purls. Regardless of the number of stitches, if you stick with that you’ll be OK.

I do believe I Was doing this… I hope…

Thanks eveyrone for your help… I guess I was doing it right now that everyone has cleared things up for me.

I’m glad… I didn’t want ot have to rip that whole thing back… :slight_smile: let me tell ya this if the first time I’ve knitted with 2tog :slight_smile: it will be interesting

Dave, there’s a video for seed stitch! Here. :thumbsup:

Happy knitting!

ahh man and I looked too… sighs I just totally missed it…