Seed Stitch/Moss Stitch

I have a summer top pattern with a seed stitch bottom border after which you do St st. The pattern says to end the seed stitch on the WS. How does one know what the WS of seed stitch is??? :?? Thanks!
Susan in NC

You can mark the outside (right side) of your piece with a safety pin or something like that. Then when you get to the end, you’ll know to end on the side with no marker.

Thank you! I think I understand. The instructions were to seed for three inches then start the St st so, in my typical impatient fashion ,I just launched into the St st after the border measured three inches without determining WS or RS of the border since it looks the same to me on either side. I guess my question was does this matter??? Should I go back and count my seed rows and call the first row the RS, etc??? Am I making any sense???

I wouldn’t worry too much…you can just pick whichever side you think looks best for the “right side” as long as there are no differences on the sides or other places you’ll be joining it together.

Thank you soooo much Kemp. :smiley: I should just be delighted if it fits when I finish it!!! I had the gauge swatch checked at my LYS yesterday and they said it was right on so we’ll see!
Susan :XX:

You’re welcome! Can’t wait to see it. I’m just finishing up a summer top too. Seems like they go so much faster with no sleeves :slight_smile: