Seed Stitch Increases for Sleeves

I am making sleeves in seed stitch which begin with an odd number of stitches so every row is k p k. On row 5 I increase one stitch on each end as and continue increasing as I move up the sleeve. Any recommendations on the best increase to do to maintain the pattern or is it even possible to maintain the pattern with these increases? Help!!!

You can certainly maintain the pattern but you’ll have to look at the stitches on the left needle. When you see a bump, knit it. When the next stitch looks like a V, purl it. That’ll maintain the seed pattern.

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It’s best to do the increases one stitch in from the edge. This is because if you do them right on the edge (e.g. kfb into the first or last stitch), it makes the selvedge a little harder to seam.

Don’t worry if your first and last stitches get “out of pattern” – remember these will disappear into the seam. Concentrate on keeping the centre stitches (second stitch to second last stitch) correct in your seed stitch pattern.

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