seed (British moss) stitch problem (twisted stitches?)

Hello fellow knitters,

I’m a newbie trying to make my first scarf in seed stitch. I’ve noticed something strange as I knit: the knit stitches that I need to purl always face the wrong direction. I’ve read that correctly mounted stitches should have the right leg facing forward, if that makes sense. My knits, but not purls, face the wrong way. Even if I change the direction of the stitch by taking it off and mounting it again, I find myself with the same issue when I start a new row.

I hope that makes sense. I wish I had a picture of it to make it clear!

Could anyone offer advice?


Welcome to KH!

If you are consistently twisting your stitches chances are you are knitting either the knit or purl incorrectly. The front side of stitch is a knit and back side is a purl so I suspect you are actually wrapping the purls wrong. Go to the videos at the top of the page and check to make sure you are doing the stitches correctly and wrapping the yarn the right direction. Check that out then let us know.

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Thanks so much Jan! You diagnosed the problem exactly.

I had to unlearn my purling technique. Fortunately, once I started wrapping correctly the stitches automatically lined themselves up correctly, so I didn’t half to unravel half my scarf…

Oh good! Glad that’s straightened out! If it happens again you can correct the knit stitch by knit into the back of it intentionally and it untwists.

There are also good reasons to twist stitches. It can be a design feature or as I do when knitting the ribbing on a hat…for k2 p2 ribbing I twist the first purl. It tightens up that often loose knitting place between the knit and purl. It does look odd on the back since I’m only twisting the first purl, but as long as it’s not a flipped up brim it’s fine.