See what I got today! - BMFA's Woobu

I’m in love :inlove:. I’ve been giggling as I look at (and touch) my 1860 yards of Woobu; Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ merino/bamboo sport-weight blend. The colorway is Raven clan - Corbie (black w/ indigo and evergreen).

Bamboo doesn’t take up the dye as readily as wool, so the colors are muted and silvery. It’s [U]so[/U] soft and the sheen from the bamboo is so pretty!
This will become a sweater for me; I’m planning to do the Lady February Sweater. Or leave it as is…and just pet it.

Oooh I like that! I am knitting a lacy baby dress with a bamboo/merino (80-20). Very interested in finding out how it will was. Post pics of the sweater when you get going. I would love to see how it looks!

Looks very petable, but I’d love to know what you think about it as a sweater.

Will you have to double up to knit the Ladie Sweater, or use smaller needles?

LOL! :teehee:

On Ravelry, someone knitted the sweater in BMFA’s heavy-weight Socks That Rock (Thraven colorway) which has about the same gauge as Woobu and used a size US 7. I don’t plan on doubling it.

:inlove: oh pretty! You could always make the sweater and pet that.:teehee:

You won’t enjoy knitting with that, just send it to me and save yourself the trouble.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Mason…:fingerwag: :slight_smile: