See What I Got from Diva Knitting

My last project contains (in kid size) a hat(Thanks KellyK for the help!), a scarf, a pair of gloves, all from 1 hank of Makalu’s Lamborga (only $39.99)

And this is what I received this weekend.

I can’t see the pics… :shrug:

OH, yeah, I see Karaoke and Opal sock yarn!!!

Beautiful! I love the scarf – what pattern is that?

amber: here is the pattern. It’s missing some lines of instructions but you will figure out.

Can anyone see the photos or you just are not impressed? :??

oddly enough I could see the pictures at home but i can’t see them here. They were small though so it was hard to get a really good look. I did see pretty colors though! :thumbsup:

That’s what I thought. I am so frustrated with this link img feature:(

Wow! The Lamborga set came out beautifully! :cheering: :cheering:

where are you hosting your pictures?

They are on My account will be at I opened the blog trying to get free coffee, but they never sent me :rofl:

hmm…okay i have no help to offer. don’t know much about blogger so no idea how to make it work. we have a lot of bloggers though so someone should be able to direct you i would think.

I can’t see images at school that are hosted on any blog or profile sites, because the internet filter blocks them out. I couldnt’ see the images at school earlier, so that’s just what I figured happened. I can see them now, at home, fine.

Must have something to do with cookie settings.