See, somebody does do JUST finishing

for those who don’t want to!

I don’t even like finishing my own - although I try to do it right and the best I can - I can’t imagine wanting to finish someone else’s. More power to her!

WOW! and she lives close to me too. sort of. about 3-4 hours away. I’m SO bookmarking her page. I would love to make a cardigan with a zipper but totally afraid of it. I would totally pay someone to do it for me.

I was thinking that I couldn’t really justify this since I do know how to finish, but just don’t enjoy it.

I have to agree that having someone put in a zipper would be worth it. :thinking:

Personally, it would drive me crazy to send something off to be finished. I am too much of a control freak that even on group projects I have a problem relinquishing control. It would drive me nuts, worrying about what she might be doing wrong to MY project (even if nothing was going wrong).

But I guess if you are unsure of yourself or just really hate doing it, it is an option, just not for me.

I think that I would not really feel like I had made it, if I get someone else to finish it for me. I guess I’m a control freak too. :rollseyes: