Secret of old life - from a 107 year old man

Check this out. A man from HongKong is 107 and swears his long life is due to nearly 80 years of abstinance. Can you believe that?

They were talking about it on the radio today and asked a few people what it would take for them to be abstinent for life. money, power…

I immediately thought “tons and tons of sock yarn”

:doh: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:


:teehee: Hmmmm…interesting

Gee…I would’ve thought the secret to long life was no children (mine is aging me by the day!).


107 years old!!!

I would be really happy if I could see my 80.

BUT abstinance is hard ! :thud:

There are so many things that I can’t stay away
(chocolates, cream puffs, all the yummy sweets— ):drool:

and of course, beautiful yarns… :inlove: :inlove:


and sex… :roflhard: [size=1] I’m speaking of myself, of course…[/size]

What’s the point of living to 107 if you have to be abstinent that whole time :lol: ?

There used to be this Saturday Night Live routine with Julia Louis-Dreyfus where she and her husband were at a dinner party talking about all of their hobbies. Their friends were so impressed that they had time for everything, and the couple revealed that their secret was abstinence.

During the course of the conversation it comes out that SHE thought it was his idea and HE thought it was her idea. After that point, they both obviously can’t think of anything else but “breaking” their abstinence.


and sex… :roflhard: [size=1] I’m speaking of myself, of course…[/size][/quote]

Yeah, I forgot to mention that one! :eyebrow:
Thanks for reminding me, Cristy :teehee: