Second Slipper and Mini Christmas Tree

I’m making slow progress with my second slipper. I haven’t even reached the first decrease point in the pattern.

I had the two sides of a mini Christmas tree completed before Christmas. Just a few days ago I decided I should join them, but discovered that the two sides were different sizes and neither even had the correct number of stitches cast on. Gurn. Both are now frogged and I have started again. At least it’s a tiny project.


Oh I hate when that happens! Now you know to watch the stitch count though. :slight_smile:

Could you do the Christmas tree pieces two at a time? I like this method for things that need to match. A mistake done on both pieces often won’t show up as a mistake and I end up with matching socks, sleeves, whatever.

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Watching the stitch count is always a good idea in knitting projects. I learned to watch the stitch count knitting dishcloths that needed 40 stitches in the middle. How I watch the stitch count on it is that I count the amount of stitches when I get to 40 stitches on the dishcloth to make sure I have 40. Did your pattern for the mini Christmas tree mention how many stitches each side should have before they were joined together or not?

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I just didn’t pay any attention to how many stitches I should have cast on in the first place. I have no idea why I was so inattentive or why I got the number wrong on both sides. Second time around is going fine and I have almost one side done.

I did consider doing the two sides at the same time, but figured there’d be more brain work required. I do a lot of double-knit style knitting, but shaping doesn’t come automatically for me in that mode.


I see. We all make mistakes; that is part of being human. I am glad to hear you are doing fine with your project the second time around. Good luck with finishing it!

Thanks. The two sides are done now. I did start to sew them up, but undid my work as I was following the instructions in the pattern which said to have wrong sides together and I thought right sides together might be better. Also, I was just using red yarn throughout but thought I should be using that for the red stripes only and white yarn for the white.


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You’re welcome. Glad to hear that the project is going well. Good luck with it!

Thanks. I think I might do the next one tubular double-knit style - save all that sewing up.


You’re welcome, Gillian.

Almost finished the tree - just need to attach the stem. After that I should get back to my slipper.


Fantastic! I hope we get to see a photo, please.

VVvOk, first I need to take a photo and then I need someone to remind me how to reduce photos on an iPad so that they can be attached to a post on this website.

I did take a photo, but my son moved all my photos to my laptop, then I managed to sprinkle tea across my keyboard and now some of the keys don’t work.


The perils of tea, who knew? I use Resize2mail to reduce photo size. That should work from the iPad.

Good that you’ve gotten the slippers to work.

:worried: I hope it’s fixable.

:worried: Hope the keys can be fixed.

I wanted to start a new topic for this but couldn’t find an option for that.

Anyway, here is a photo of my mini Christmas tree decoration.

I’m usung my iPad all the time now, but hope to take my laptop to our local computer fixer sometimewnen I get around to it. Life is busy right now.



Gillian, the photo didn’t post. Can you try again? The up arrow at the top of the Reply box should do it.

Also, if you click on the menu button next to the orange circle in the upper right of the screen (the circle with the N), then choose Latest or Categories it’ll bring you to a list. In the upper right is a button labeled +New Topic.

Thanks for your help, Salmonmac. I don’t know why the photo didn’t upload. I realized it hadn’t done so after I had posted it.

I followed your instructions for starting a new topic and it worked the first time - I didn’t write a new topic at the time - but subsequent attempts have failed to bring up the New Topic button.


Hmmm, anytime I try it, it seems to bring up a New Topic box similar to the Reply box but with the space for a topic title.
Maybe @Jan_in_CA can help.