Second Complete project!

And no I don’t have any delusions about how EASY scarves are. I’m still a green-horn at knitting.

Anyhow, This is my first post here at, I’ve already utilized the site to great extent in my learning how to knit. Though I noticed that knitting is much like ceramics in that it is important to do it to learn it. HANDS ON, ALL THE WAY!!

It’s a 4 foot long by 4 inch wide scarf made with lion brand, home spun yarn. It isn’t perfect, but it does come with a matching sash to tie it up when it isn’t being used. My fiance already loves it, and it was quite the yarn to continue learning how to knit on. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what tension to use because if you do it too tight the yarn starts to bunch up on itself. I pretty much fixed the problem half way through the project, though it leads to messy stitches.

Any comments?

I will put a pic of myself up later.

Hi, and welcome to our Knitting Family!

To comment on your question of tension (with any particular yarn): if you are making your own pattern like for this Lion Homespun scarf…a good clue for the right needle size for a yarn is the recommended needle size on the label of the skein. Start there. Knit a swatch (trial square 4"x4"). If you like the ‘tension’, pull out the swatch and begin knitting the real deal. If you don’t…pull it out and use a bigger (or smaller) needle and re-swatch. If you think you’ll be using the yarn again and again, save your swatches with a note pinned to them saying what size needle it took. Keep your swatches in your knitter’s notebook. (yes, start a notebook) Swatching is an unavoidable part of a knitter’s life!

In my opinion, your scarf dimensions turned out perfectly!
I like a scarf that is skinnier but longer. 4"-5" is my favorite widths. Six inches gets unmanageable around the neck. Especially if the yarn is heavy.

Congrats on completing your first scarf!! Fun isn’t it? I think it turned out wonderful! It take some practice to get your tension even and some yarns are easier to work with than others. Homespun is easier to work with when using larger needles.

What’s next?

Actually it was my second scarf. I did do several gauges, and I think the tension solved itself. I wondering what my next project type should be… Any suggestions?

I tried doing knitting tubes with Dps, but I still have a long way to go before I can complete anything like that.

WELCOME!!! Good work on completing your project. KH IS a wonderful site, my knitting progressed leaps ad bounds due entirely to it and the wonderful support from the others here!

Looks great! Homespun can be a tough yarn to work with, especially when you are new at knitting - you did a terrific job :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the feedback peoples! I’m starting to really like this site and forum.

I’ve done a shawl in Homespun and love the yarn. It started my love affair with Lion Brand. That’s a lovely scarf, you did a great job on it.

KH is the BEST!!!:hug:

I too love homespun, here are 2 projects I love. People knock boucle yarn but I’ve found Homespun is wonderfully soft & comfy:
My pattern:

Lion Brand pattern:

I especially like that vest you made with the home spun. I’ve heard that it has a tendency to stretch a LOT as it gets older. Have you noticed this to be true?

Thanks. It’s my pattern, it’s free. Both on Ravelry and my blog. I found out about the stretching when I used it the very first time which was for a dog sweater. I made for a Shih Tzu and it probably could have fit a bulldog by the end :teehee:

Holy loly, good thing I made a scarf with it.

I still love it. It’s just a matter of realizing it’s going to grow a size if you’re going to make something fitted.