Searching for this "scallop-like" pattern - can anyone help?

Hi all, I’ve found this image on the internet of a knitted bag and would like to create something similar - can anyone tell me what this stitch is called, or better still, tell me where I can find instructions to knit it? Many thanks!

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It may be a crochet stitch similar to the stitch used in this small bag:

We really need help from experienced crocheters @OffJumpsJack @Snowfleas

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Hi Salmonmac;
I believe you are right about it being a crocheted purse. I don’t know where you would find the pattern for it though. It looks like it might be a shell stitch made of double crochet stitches or a split shell stitch leaving a (chain) space where the bead is added. Above the shell stitches are what looks to be double crochet or even treble stitches. The burgundy trim around the top looks like a single crochet shell stitch.
I would be interested in hearing what “OffJumpsJack” has to say. I think the colour combination is really odd but that might be just to show the layers more clearly. I hope this has been helpful.

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I agree, it is crochet. Looks to me like the fan or shell stitch is worked in the front loops then another round on the same row is also worked in the back loop of the same row.

I used Google to do an image search and found a similar pattern Here


It is a crochet shell stitch. Looks like 7 half double crochets in one stitch. I believe followed by a slip stitch and repeat the pattern. I want to say it’s a crocodile stitch pattern.


I know this is an old topic, but this is a knit stitch that’s very similar:

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This one has the beads, although the handle is different.
If you search crocodile stitch bag there are quite a lot of tutorials, maybe you could browse through for the one you like the most or use a couple to come up with your own?

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