Searching for pattern or name of stitch

About 12 years ago I knitted a spiral hat for my daughter. I don’t know where the pattern is and have looked through all my knitting stuff. I probably got it out of a magazine that I no longer have. I can find lots of patterns for spiral caps but none with the band at the bottom that this one has. The band looks like it is knit two perl two and then on the next row perl two knit two under the previous stitches but I have no idea. I have to post this so that I can post the photo of the hat.

Knitter and Beekeeper in Atlanta

Here is a photo of the hat in question:

The band at the bottom is a different stitch than is usually used on hats.

The bottom looks like it could be seed stitch maybe. You might have to experiment a bit, but I’ll look around.

Thanks for answering! I thought maybe seed stitch but didn’t know for sure. I would love to knit this again, and figuring out the pattern from a knit object is new to me.