Searching for a stitch reference

I saw a afghan on etsy done with a diagonal triangle stitch and of course it was very very nice but being a knitter I am looking for a pattern and not a finished afghan. When I did a search for diagonal triangles and triangles etc I dont see the correct stitch and I cant find it anywhere. it has triangles and ridges in between the diagonal row. Does anyone know the name of the pattern? I can show you a picture but it doesnt belong to me so I cant post it.

You can link to the item you saw on etsy, you don’t have to put it in your post; that may help us identify it.

thanks I didnt know that. I hope this helps.

I don’t know if it has a name. You can check out some of the stitch patterns at Knitting on the net, Knitting pattern Central, or Knitting Fool sites and see if any come close.

Very nice. It looks like the triangles are knit and purl sts but the diagonal running between is curious. I wonder if the right side is 2-3 garter sts (or even purl sts again) and the left side of the diagonal is k1p1 rib? And of course, it all travels over a st on each row. Be fun to try it out on the needles.

I searched all those sights and I also tried different names and then tried working on what it looks like from other patterns, but it isnt working, I have been digging, I have a really old 1950 knitting book in my stash I have to dig out and see if there is anything in that one that looks familiar.

It may be that someone combined different sts to get that look, so you might not find something exactly like it.