My pattern calls for ‘top stitching’ the seams. Can anyone tell me what this means? I have seen other posts regarding edge to edge seams, but nothing on top stitching. Help!

This might help

Depending on what it is you could just use a different finish technique, like mattress stitch.

I mispoke in my last post. The instruction actually says “top sew” the pieces together. I’m not sure that makes much of a difference, but when I visited the website you directed me to, the concepts seemed completely different. Any other ideas?

Is it a Norwegian pattern? I had a pattern that wanted me to sew the seam in X’s across the outside. I didn’t like that method, so I didn’t use it.

Or maybe they’re saying ‘top sew’ instead of mattress stitch? That’s done on the right side. A total guess on my part. :??

Do you have a picture of the finished product by any chance? If there are ridges on the outside then it could be what Ingrid said. If there are no ridges and it just looks like a “regular” sweater, I think you could go ahead and use mattress.