Seams are never neat

Anyone else have trouble making seams look nice and even? Mine are always lumpy, or uneven. I have never been able to seam objects as nice as Amy does on her video. I can make nice little sweaters for my granddaughter but getting those sleeves on are hard and they always look bunched up. :frog:

This is why I like circular sweaters. Neck-down patterns are great for doing cardigans without seams. I don’t like seaming, as it’s so fiddly and I never feel like I’m doing as good a job as I could be doing even if it really looks just fine.

I made my first sweater the other day (a baby sweater) and I had the same trouble. I did okay with the side seams but when I went to seam the sleeve on the body I was soooo frustrated! :wall:

I am currently working on a sweater where I don’t have to seam anything and I think I will search out these type of patterns in the future. I haven’t watched Amy’s video yet though, maybe that would help me.

What kind of sleeves are doing? There’s a nifty way to do “set-in” sleeves that involves picking up stitches from the armhole, doing short rows for the sleeve cap, and working down (in the round if you wish) toward the cuff. No seaming involved. I don’t know of a good online tutorial, but Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top explains it very well. (The whole book is about making seamless sweaters!)

Hey, thanks! I just went to and bought this book. Talk about impulse buying. I read the reviews and it sounded like something I need (even though I really don’t have any sweaters planned for the near future). :roflhard:

Aha! I have good advice here. The first cheat-rule of being a seamstress (and works great for knitting too) is to set the sleeves in BEFORE seaming the sides or the sleeve itself. In other words, do your shoulder seam. Then take your flat sleeve piece and seam it into your armhole. THEN do the whole side seam, wrist to hip! Makes everything lie flatter, and is so much easier to work with. Hope that helps! :hug:

If you’re not already doing it, start at the top of the sleeve and work the seam down to the edge and then sew the other half from the middle down. You can fudge it a little better and you shouldn’t get the bunchies. Works better than going from the side seam all the way around to the other side seam.

I’m also having a difficult time seaming baby sweaters, and I haven’t learned to do circular knitting. The mattress stitch on the side seams is understandable and turns out pretty well, but what stitch do you use to sew the shoulder seams and for setting in the sleeves? I couldn’t find that info anywhere I looked and finally used backstitch for the sleeves. It seems so bulky. Can someone help???

When I made my grandson’s sweaters, they were the first sweaters I ever did and I did the shoulders using a 3 needle bind off and they looked great and laid flat. I just went back in, took out the bound off stitches for the neck and did the 3 needles bind off.

I highly recommend Nancy Wiseman’s Finishing Technique book to anyone who has issues with this stuff.

With set in sleeves, I always pin everything out, run my yarn through, and then take the pins out and tighten everything evenly. Set in sleeves are so much work.