Hi Everyone,
I’m going to start a new doll dress, and am just at the “figuring it out” stage.

What’s the best way - the least noticeable - of sewing together two cast-off edges? I’ll probably end up using kitchener st, but I’m thinking I could put the seam in a pretty inconspicuous place, so maybe I could sneak by without the kitchener. :slight_smile: After all, the doll stands inside a cabinet with her back towards the wall…hehehe

Hope you’re all enjoying a great summer - we’re at the beginning of a nice little heat-wave!

Kitchener stitch requires live stitches, not bound off ones. You can also leave the sts live and do a 3 needle BO instead.

Enjoy your ‘heat wave’ - we’ve had over a month of it and I’m tired of it. Cooling down for a couple of days, then back to 90 degree days or close to it, for the rest of the month.

Oh yes I know Kitchener needs live sts - I could leave them live instead of binding off ok. Just wondering if there’s any secrets to sewing bound-off edges together. I’ve never done the 3 needle one so that’s interesting - I’ll take a look at it, thanks!

Oh, don’t think we’ll get to 90 here. Inland BC yes it will, and more probably where my son & family live - but here on the Island maybe 80 or 82. It’s humid here though and dry where he lives, so we’ll both be using our a/c. :slight_smile: Our last 2 summers were rotten, so everyone’s happy to suffer the heat this year.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Mattress stitch leaves a nice seam, though if you’re in a position to connect live stitches, definitely check out the 3-needle-bindoff. It’s awesome.

Really! I use mattress st on vertical seams - it’s perfect, love it - but was sure I’d read it was only for vertical. Now I’ve got 2 new things to play around with :slight_smile:


You pick up a stitch on each edge for mattress at the bound edges.

No you can use mattress stitch on a bound off edge too.