Hello, I absolutely hate seaming! BUT I was asked to knit up a poncho for a very special gal, I used Loops and Threads “Country Loom” 100% acrylic. (color choice and what she wanted) I now have to seam up which as mentioned, i hate ! Should i substitute in another yarn in a similar color to seam. Anyone have any tips for easy seaming. Thanks for any help or encouragement

That’s a good idea for the seam. Any smooth yarn, maybe a worsted or something close that can be laundered the same way as the Loops and Threads acrylic. If you can come close with the color so much the better but the seaming yarn probably won’t show anyway.
Mattress stitch a possibility? It’s always rewarding to zip it up as you go.

Thanks, I did think this yarn would be a problem finishing up seaming. The two sides are bound off already so can’t do the mattress stitch ? or can i ?

You can do mattress stitch across bound off edges, cast on edges or side edges. You can also use it to seam bound off edges to side edges.

Thank you for sharing these, my seams never turn out as nice. Thanks again…Joy