Seaming together afghan pieces?

I have 6 pieces of an afghan that I’m about ready to put together. Um, but I don’t know how! :shock: I see 3 ways in the video section but since I have both horizontal and side seaming to do I’m not sure which to use. The pieces are different colors too if that makes a difference.


Here’s a pretty good link with pictures showing both side to side and top to bottom seaming:

Also, about the colour since your pieces are different colours, if you use the seaming techniques that I’ve linked above you shouldn’t be able to see much, if any, of the seaming yarn that you use so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. How many different colours is it??

(Would love to see pictures, by the way! :thumbsup: )

Thanks for the info!!! I had posted a bit of it in “what’cha knitting”… oh yes, hereit is. I’ll post FO pictures too if I ever get it done :slight_smile: