Seaming Ribbed Knit Hat

I’ve successfully knit my first hat… but I need to seam the ends together since it was a flat hat pattern. I’ve never seamed anything before and I want the ribs to line up correctly. I found a few links to be somewhat helpful in understanding the process but I’m still not quite sure where to insert the sewing needle into the stitches to make it look invisible.
(This video was the most helpful in that the sweater looks like the hat pattern.
Does anyone have any useful links or tips?
Also, should I be seaming the hat from the inside? Or does it matter?
-Hat N00b

See if this video helps with figuring out where to insert the needle and where to make the seam. If you go off a column of stitches, you can always pull out part of the seam and re-do it.

Fabulous. I read the pattern incorrectly, as “sew seam 1/2 INCH from edge on each side” rather than 1/2 stitch! I found the little ladders inside the knit stitches and that was what I grabbed when seaming the edges together and it looks invisible, yay!!
The hat is a little bit long and I’m in the middle of making another from the same pattern so I’m going to shorten it a bit this time (and I’m using the cable stitch for the cast on which looks neater).
Thanks for your advice. :slight_smile: I can now seam!

Fabulous! This is an invaluable technique to have. Good luck with the next hat and post a photo if you’d like. We love to see projects.