Seaming question

I’m finishing a baby cap, D. Bliss pattern and it says to use a “flat seam” to join the crown of the cap.
Is a flat seam where 3 stitchs equal 4 rows, so you sew it up, skipping the fourth row?
Help please:wall:
Thanks so much,

No you wouldn’t skip a row, that formula is for picking up stitches not seaming. You could use mattress stitch, but that would leave a seam, so they’re suggesting edge to edge seaming. I’m not sure how to do that, but I bet someone will be along a little later who could describe it.

Thank you Sue!
Anyone else out there have any ideas!


You could google “edge to edge seam” and I bet you’d get tons of returns…

I’ll try that, thanks!

Hi Sue,
I googled it and found a great place and it had it for anyone else that is interested.
Only problem is that my baby cap has yo’s on one part of the cast on edge, so it’s not going to work.
I think I’m going to have to improvise.
Thanks again,

Is it knit around rather than bottom to top? If it’s bottom to top, I don’t see how the caston edge comes into it… :??

It’s hard to describe. I cast on 8 sts then:
Row 1 knit 1, yarn forward, repeat from to last stitch, knit1
Next Row and everyother:Purl
Row 2:Knit 2, yarn forward, repeat from to last stitch, knit 1
And on I went to Row 19 and then more instructions after that.

I ended up with what looks like flower petals on the crown of the baby cap…I have to pull the edges together and seam to get it to look like a flower.
I wish I could take a picture and show you, but I haven’t figured out how to use the new digital camera, because I’m too busy knitting!!!

You know, also maybe I should have called it a baby “bonnet” instead of “cap”. It might give a better visual!

Oh, it’s top down, I guess. Don’t worry about the picture. I’m sure others have made this one. Anyone have a suggestion for Jen?