Seaming in sleeves....HELP!

HOW in the world do you do this!?

There is video here linked at the top and there is this helpful site on Knittythat might work.

Are we talking set-in sleeves? The kind that have a sleeve cap and looking at it, you wonder how it will ever fit?? :wink: What I usually do for those kinds of sleeves is lay the front and back pieces (already seamed at the shoulders) flat. Then lay the sleeve in where the top of the sleeve meets the shoulder seam. I cut a piece of yarn that will be long enough for seaming the whole sleeve in, but start half way through the piece of yarn and start my seaming at the shoulder. I seam down from the shoulder to the front armhole first, easing the sleeve in as needed (skipping a stitch here and there when seaming to help it fit the best way possible), and then go back and seam from the shoulder down to the back armhole, using the same “easing” in technique.

I hope this helps.

Here is a good article from knitty that should explain a lot:

You might also try pinning the sleeve to the body so that you can align the underarm and shoulder evenly. If you have more sleeve than armscye, which does happen sometimes, then you can discover this early and cheat a bit by sticking the extra at the armpit where no one will see it :wink:

Thanks!!! This is just what I’m doing!!! It is slow going but looking good!

:cheering: :cheering: Can’t wait to hear how it turns out.

:happydance: :happydance:

Yes photos! We want photos!!

LOL!! Ok…but it will be Monday night before I can post them…I won’t have this finished until tomorrow morning IN THE CAR on the way to the receiver’s home. :shock: I have edging to do after I finish this part.

Wow, cutting it close :wink: :heart:

I just posted pix on the What’cha Knitting forum: