Seaming garter stitch

On Amy’s videos she shows seaming, but they are both on stockinette. I’m making a felted bag and after felting a sample decided it wouldn’t make any difference if I did garter instead. I’m also slipping the first stitch so my edges look great, but now I wonder after reading past posts if that is a big mistake. :?? I’m about 20 rows in now. How can I seam slipped edges on garter stitch without making them super bulky?

I think mattress stitch would be best. You could do an end-to-end seam, but I think you want some kind of seam to give it a little strength.

I can do mattress stitch on garter? I guess since it’s going to be felted it’s probably not as critical in how it looks other than getting the stripes lined up right? I mean I want it to look good, but it’s not like a sweater.

I haven’t had bad results doing mattress on anything. As long as the pattern lines up, you don’t see the seam.

[color=blueviolet]Hey Jan, check out thisKnitty article. I know it really helped me when I was trying to seam garter stitch.[/color]

Jessi, great link. I refer to this article over and over.

[color=blueviolet]Thanks Denise. :smiley: I have it bookmarked because I visit it often too.[/color]

Thanks for the link, Jessi! That’s a good one! I see the stockinette looks much better than the garter stitch. :rollseyes: Since this is a felted bag it probably won’t make any difference, but good to know.

[color=blueviolet]Your welcome. I’ve seamed several cell phone socks and they look perfect. The pattern I used for them called for a different seaming technique that looked horrible. The pic makes it look bad. It really looks better in a finished product, but like you said it’s a felted bag so it won’t matter. :wink: [/color]