Seaman’s 1898 hat


After provisional cast on of 27 stitches, it says to S11, pm,

How do you carry the yarn across 11 stitches. Do you move it from front to back to slip purloined?


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Can you give link to the pattern? If the name is the same as the title of the thread, then is it this pattern?


Yes. This is the pattern



Ah,ha! It is the font or type face that is confusing you (me , and probably many others).
SL one not S eleven.
Nasty bit of type face confusing the L and numeral one like that. As a computer scientist, I abhore (and am frustrated by) poor font style choices that confuse the reader. (/rant)

Here is a copy paste from the PDF. I think you will find it easier to read on this forum.
“Set up row (WS): Sl 1, k11, pm, sl3 wyif, pm, k12.”
The pattern notes give the meanings of the abbreviations used. Sl = slip Sl x = slip x number of stitches, etc. Ok


Oh. Thank you so much. It makes perfect sense now. This forum is awesome!

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Thank you for showing me a new hat pattern.


The Seaman’s Institute has a YouTube video on how to do this hat!