Seam Stitches

Greetings from a completely new user.

Firstly, a huge thank you to knittinghelp - at last I can put an end to ‘making it up as I go along’.

Considering that I have been doing the above for the last 8 years (yes, self taught) I am a little embarrassed to ask my question…

It regards seam stitches.
Side seams are now no longer a mystery - thanks to the wonderful mattress_stitch video but I am still stuck on Shoulder Seams and Seams for Raglan sleeves.

Suggestions gratefully received. I like the idea of the 3 needle method for shoulders but what about when you have already cast off those sections?? I don’t know the name of the I have been using but it creates a very chunky and rather ragid effect.

Thank you!

already cast off is a bummer. Is it a huge seam…maybe you could undo the bind off row in order to do the 3 needle BO or kitchener stitch. They both look very nice.

You can do the mattress stitch on shoulder seams, too. It draws the two sides together and keeps you bo stitches hidden.

You can graft the two shoulders together. I’ve done this several times in place of the recommended join. It creates a seamless seam… meaning it looks like one continuous knitted peice. It looks the same as the kitchener stitch on the right side, but is done after casting off. However it will leave a thick seam on the wrong side if you’re using a heavy weight yarn.