Scrunchable with crocheted border

Here’s my first FOR ME after-Christmas FO!

The Scrunchable Scarf with KPs Elegance (Alpaca/Silk!), color Ash. This yarn has a really nice SHEEN to it. REALLY REALLY REALLY soft!

I doubled the yarn for the scarf and then crocheted a scallop border with a single strand to make it a little more “girly” and I like the way it makes the ends fan out a little bit.

Oooooh! Pretty! I love that border. May have to copy that one from you, too! :wink:

:inlove: it’s so pretty! Great job! :thumbsup: It looks so scrunchable! :rofling: :doh:

Thanks, Ingy & YVWB!

This is another reason I LOVE this scarf pattern SO much! It can be manly or girly…depending on what yarn you use and/or what border you add or dont add to the ends.

I like the scallop border especially because its easy to line up each scallop with the columns in the knit portion of the pattern.

lovely as usual!

That looks beautiful! I also like doing a crocheted border, and like the way it “fans out”. Great job! :smiley:

That is really pretty. I like the crocheted border, too. It’s a nice alternative to fringe. Ooh, and that yarn looks yummy :inlove:

Oooooh! I love that! :inlove: :inlove:

It looks so cozy. And the girly border is a nice touch! :thumbsup:

Very nice, Kelly! :thumbsup:

Great job on that! The border looks so pretty!

GORGEOUS! I :heart: it!

That is beautiful!!! Great job!

thanks, friends!! :oops:

Beautiful. Now we would like to see you modeling it!

aw, that’s PURTY, KK!! I :heart: it!


Very nice KK! I have been knitting a hat for DH in KP Elegance and I totally agree with you on the sheen…it’s so pretty. It also feels great!

Thanks, Kempy!! :inlove:

yummilicious :happydance: :cheering:

oooh, purrrrdy. I’m knitting one of these for a friend…it’s a delayed xmas gift. :oops:

I may have to steal your idea…