School Products Yarn Shop

Yarn Shop Visit!! Last week, I found myself wandering around midtown with an hour to kill. It started to rain, so I was grateful to find myself on the doorstep of 135 West 29th Street, the home of School Products Yarn.

This is a no-frills building in the heart of the Fashion District. Take the elevator to the 8th floor and you will be rewarded with one of the most eclectic collections of yarn in New York City.

School Products is a family-run business and usually the matriarch, Berta, is there to help customers. She wasn’t there the day I visited, but her husband was happy to get her on the phone for me so I could discuss the amount of yarn I needed for my project. I wanted to duplicate a child’s poncho I had made last year, but in a larger size and different color. She happily calculated the amount of yarn I needed and told me to ask her husband to show me the fake fur they had in stock to trim the poncho (I ended up getting it).

I can’t resist friendly service, especially family-owned friendly service. It’s why I will always choose the LYS over the big box craft store. Always.

Now, back to the yarn. I bought Karabella Aurora Bulky, a super soft, merino wool with a tight twist, perfect for kids’ clothing since it is machine washable (it doesn’t say so on the label, but on gentle cycle in cold water, it is fine in the washer). I bought the bulky but it is also available in a worsted weight (Aurora 8).

[B]The Beautiful Wall Of Merino At School Products[/B]

In addition to the Karabella Yarns, there are AMAZING deals on small, unlabeled batches of fancy-fiber yarn imported from Italy and Japan. Tables are loaded up with cones of yarn and there are baskets full of of unique fibers on the tables with plenty of interesting samples knitted up all around the shop.

[B]Cashmerino Yarn[/B]

If I hadn’t set a budget, I would have bought this beautiful Cashmerino for $100- without even thinking. It was so soft and the colors were beautiful. I always go for the grey but I actually think I would have chosen the autumnal olive and rust combo. The fiber content was 55% merino, 12% cashmere and 33% microfiber. At 981 yards, it was enough for a short cardigan or a couple of hat, scarf, and mitten sets for the holidays…. Hmmmm maybe I should go back.

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love this post and the pictures… lucky you to have this store for an option! :wink:

ya know…

I could combine a trip to NY for new riding boots AND yarn.

I am ever so practical, aren’t I?

Field trip! Who’s coordinating it?:teehee:
Oh, don’t I wish!